I found a 35 pack of envelopes in my room today and have no idea why SO, if anyone wants an enevelope full of stuff, send me an ask or reblog this or something. I say envelope of stuff because I’ll probably draw something or stick a CD in it orĀ something as well as a letter. I’ll try to make it as personal as possible too.

This is the part where nobody cares or reads this.

Letters Letter writing Penpals penpal pen pals pen pal silly tags are boring me

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    Yup, that’s exactly my plan. Get a bunch of addresses and fly to every single address from Northern Ireland despite most...
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    hey yeah lemme just get a bunch of girls addresses and be a creep….
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    burn me a dead kennedys cd then and draw me a picture of jello biafra and henry rollins yeah i have a lot of eggs so idk...
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    Me me me me me
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